HCP Awards

Our healthcare professional categories seek to recognise GPs, nurses, pharmacists, practice managers, leaders in healthcare and clinical teams who are making an outstanding contribution to patient care.

The deadline is now closed.


Clinical Improvement Award: Chronic Conditions


Sponsored by Vision

This award is looking for a team or individual who has demonstrated excellence when supporting patients with chronic conditions - helping to improve their lives and the management of their symptoms. We are looking for projects, strategies, and schemes that have been implemented to improve long-term patient care.

Clinical Improvement Award: Mental Health


This award seeks to recognise an individual or team who have demonstrated excellence when it comes to improving mental health services in their area, through an ongoing high-quality standard of care or through an innovative project or scheme.

Clinical Improvement Award: Public Health and Prevention


This award seeks to recognise an individual or team who have demonstrated excellence when working to improve healthcare in their local area; raising awareness, encouraging engagement, and ensuring the wellbeing of the local population.

General Practitioner of the Year

Supported by Pulse

Open to all qualified GPs practising in the UK, this award is looking for someone who has helped to turn a struggling practice around; made improvements in the morale and wellbeing of their colleagues; or campaigned for change in their local area.

GP Trainee of the Year/Rising Star Award

Sponsored by Healius, supported by Pulse

Open to all UK medical graduates in postgraduate training, we are looking for evidence of enthusiasm, a keen desire to learn, imagination, and a contribution aligned with the objectives of the Five Year Forward View.
We invite applications from Trainees themselves and also their colleagues.

Healthcare Leader of the Year

Supported by Healthcare Leader

This award invites applications from all decision makers working within the NHS and local government who have helped to deliver results and steer change within their health economy over the last 18 months.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This year we are accepting suggestions from healthcare professionals for the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award. The long list will then be considered by our editorial team and a winner selected.

People's Choice Award: Surgery of the Year

As voted for by the general public!

This award offers patients and members of the local community the chance to give thanks and show their appreciation for their health care team. This one is for the entire practice team!

Pharmacist of the Year

Supported by The Pharmacist

We are looking for a community pharmacist or pharmacy team who have embraced new technologies and ways of working, and has sought to improve patient care in their local community.

Practice Manager of the Year

Sponsored by PSUK

Supported by Management in Practice

We are looking for an outstanding Practice Manager who showcases a professionalism and a keen desire to deliver the best possible patient-focused services.

Practice Nursing Award

Supported by Nursing in Practice

We are looking for a Practice Nurse or Practice Nursing team who have made an outstanding contribution to patient care in their practice. We are looking for evidence of effort and imagination, leadership, and innovation. 

Primary Care Network of the Year - 2019

NEW! This award is sponsored by NHS England

This category is aimed at primary care networks (PCNs) who have developed in maturity.  Demonstrating mature relationships and reaching the stage of being able to successfully integrate services beyond general practice level, with other health, social care partners, voluntary sector.  And possibly with services such as fire and police as part of the network to provide services to their local population. 


Receptionist of the Year


This award seeks to recognise a receptionist or reception team who are making an outstanding contribution to their practice and its patients. We invite applications from receptionists themselves and also from colleagues.

Applicants should demonstrate evidence that their attention to detail has improved the organisation of the surgery, ambience, and patient experience.

The Best Primary Care Network Newcomer - 2019


This award is sponsored by NHS England

The award seeks to identify a PCN who has managed to take their first steps in developing their network. This PCN  has come together within the last year successfully co-designed and delivered as a network a new model of care for a specific cohort of patients  with a focus on improving care for a specific  population within their combined population of c30-50,000 patients.  


The Community Nursing Award

Supported by Nursing in Practice

We are looking for a brilliant Community Nurse/Health Visitor/School Nurse, or a community/district nursing team who are making a real difference to the provision of care in their local area - community nurses who showcases strong leadership, innovative teaching of trainees, and who exhibit the 6Cs of nursing. We invite entries from nurses themselves/colleagues.

The Extended Practice Team Member


This award seeks to recognise a member of the wider practice team who has had a positive impact on improving patient care, practice efficiency, or clinical workload in their practice/area. They could be a GP pharmacist, paramedic, physicians associate, HCA, mental health practitioner, social prescribing link worker or any role not covered by the other award categories.

The GP Team of the Year

We are looking for teams who are striving to improve patient care, enhancing services offered, and working to develop their skill mix.

We seek to recognise the work of a multidisciplinary team that has had a positive impact on improving the patient experience in their practice and/or local area.