Professor Matthew Cripps

Director of Sustainable Healthcare, NHS England

Professor Matthew Cripps BA MA CPFA created and developed the RightCare approach and embedded NHS RightCare as a national programme in NHS England, active in every local health economy, with a focus on population healthcare improvement to deliver the best care to patients. He now leads on spreading the concepts of population healthcare, optimal value, improvement and clinical and financial leadership in improvement and is a member of NHS England’s Medical Directorate senior team.

Matthew is a Professor at Warwick Business School, with a focus on sustainable health systems, Honorary Professor of Population Healthcare Improvement at the University of Salford, and was previously Professor of Business Processing and Knowledge Transfer at the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School. Matthew is also a chartered accountant and has written seven publications on sustainable healthcare system improvement, finance and business processing, published by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance, the Healthcare Finance Managers Association and Offox Press.

Matthew holds positions on numerous boards, including the National Stroke Board and the NICE Implementation Collaborative Board. He is chair of NHS England’s Programme Budgeting Board.  He works closely with key stakeholders on population healthcare, including in partnerships with Public Health England, NICE, national charities and clinical colleges.

To contact Matthew, email:

Twitter: @matthew_cripps1