Louise Brady

Primary Care and Community Nurse Lead: Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership

Primary Care and Community Nurse Lead:  Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership

Practice Nurse Donneybrook Medical Centre Tameside & Glossop CCG

GPN Nurse Advisor NHS Alliance

Working in partnership with key stakeholders, Louise is responsible for leading the development, implementation and delivery of a Greater Manchester wide primary and community nurse education and training programme to support development of a cohesive community workforce.

Collectively supporting the work and care of Greater Manchester nurses to improve patient facing care and health, Louise still works within general practice clinically, and enjoys her strategic role alongside her day to day care.

Louise passionately believes in new care models that can foster and nurture patient nurse partnerships, and has clinically led the role out and development of group consultations for general practice nursing across the North West of England.

With 21 years’ experience with the NHS, Louise has enjoyed clinical, supportive and educational roles including working on medical wards, community nursing, A&E and within a multidisciplinary long Term Conditions team.

 In 2015, Louise was voted as one of HSJ’s rising stars for her dedication passion & commitment to supporting general practice nursing, and has been appointed NHS Alliance’s special nurse advisor.

 In recent years she has represented nursing views within the Greater Manchester NHS Values group who share a commitment to changing and transforming hearts, minds & culture within the NHS.

 Working as a community volunteer to support local patient groups, Louise aspires to be a catalyst for change, through building bridges between individual’s health care professionals, and communities, across many different networks. Louise’s passion lies in partnership work, with patients, carers & communities.