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Supplier Awards

This year’s Supplier Awards are now live! Select your favourite supplier for each category using the form below to cast your vote!

Voting closes on 29 June and results will be announced on 30 July.


Communications Agency of the Year

As STPs seek to drive transformation in prevention and promote self-care for the community, we are looking for the top communications agency that has supported primary care teams on these projects.

Digital Solutions Provider of the Year

The road to a paperless and technologically driven NHS is a real driving force for change in the future of digital health. We are looking for digital providers offering cutting edge technology and innovative solutions to help the NHS achieve this goal.

Legal Service Provider of the Year

As strategic transformation and integrated working partnerships are taking place across the sector, this award is looking for the best legal services consultancy or firm that supports primary care services, including solutions in contractual issues, commercial contracts, leases, HR/employment issues, data protection etc.

Medical Supplier of the Year

As primary care services are looking at ways to modernise and transform patient care to meet increasing population demands, this award is looking for the best trusted medical supplier. 

Recruitment Agency of the Year

As general practice continues to encounter a tough financial climate, recruitment of new staff and retaining the existing workforce is increasingly important. We are looking for the best recruitment agency who are supporting primary care teams through reliable and consistent support.

Technology Provider of the Year

Great progress is being made through technological advancements in primary care to improve efficiency and promote joint up and lean working. This award is looking for the best provider of hardware technology to the NHS – including IT systems, touch screen login, printers, phones and communication systems to achieve this continued progress.

Telehealth Provider of the Year

In keeping with the move towards a modern, digitised NHS, this award is looking for the best telehealth provider who offers valuable support and practical solutions to primary care services including e-consultations/virtual GP skype appointments, or digital health innovation campaigns.

Training Provider of the Year

This award is seeking the best provider of training for NHS staff. We are looking for providers who empower staff and equip individuals with the correct skills needed to maximise the workforce and promote lean working.